Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy 14th Birthday Landan!!!

Landan turned 14 year old on July 7th! He did not have a big party this year. His dad and I got him an iphone a couple days before his special day. And on his actual birthday...I took the kids to Somethin Funn, then also invited some family and one of Landan's friends to dinner at Hacienda. He also had a couple of his friends spend the night. I think he had a good day. He is growing up, so big and tall, mature...such an amazing young man. I love you sweet boy!!!

Lorelle was excited to finally be tall enough to drive herself in the go-carts;)

Silly boys...
Watching Landan open up a gift...
Happy Birthday song, balloons and sombrero:)
A beautiful sunset for Landan's birthday...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

We just hung out at home on Monday...the actual 4th:) The kids played and we had family over for a cookout. Our neighbor puts on a GREAT firework show for our "back pond" families. Thanks Mike! I am SO thankful that my family and I live in a country with such Freedom. May God Bless the USA and all who keep us safe!!!

Our family had such an AMAZING weekend of celebration!!!

4th of July Weekend...Sunday:)

Sunday was a pool party day at our friends (and neighbor's house;) We were there late into the night and they were amazing hosts, keeping us all fed and thoroughly hydrated. I little TOO hydrated in my case...LOL! Let's just say... I didn't feel so well later that night or the next morning. I was reminded why I typically stick to red wine only. WOW! Besides that...we had a GREAT time! Three of my kiddos ended up spending the night even. Such a FUN day for all!

Thank you so much Hall Family!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July Weekend...Saturday:)

We had a busy, FUN filled day! We started by taking our gang to the Winona Lake Park for some of the holiday weekend activities. They played in the blow-up, jumpy things; got balloon swords and hats; and the best part...spraying a real fire truck hose:) The big boys mostly enjoyed the homemade ice cream. Lance and I, the pulled pork barbeque sandwiches...ya know us Perry's like our food;) LOL!

The best kind of sword fight...with balloon swords;)
Nice hat Lorelle...
Liam really concentrating on his work...
Levi LOVING it...
Mr. Fireman changing the spray to get him wet:)
Lorelle's turn...
Thinking it is harder to control than it looks...

Our second stop was the pool:) The kids played hard and impressed us with more of their diving board moves. We SO enjoy our fun and relaxation time at the pool. Such GREAT family time!
Catch it Lilyan!
He seriously needs to STOP growing so big and handsome;)
One of Levi's twist and flip dives...
It's a bird, it's a plane...nope just Super Landan! LOL!
Lance and Leytan hangin...
Liam's been making pool naps a regular thing lately...
Lilyan on her daddy...
Makes my heart sing... to see Lilyan play with her dad:)
The girls standing/balancing on Lance's back...
Look how high Leytan is?! Bootie above the fence...LOL!
LOVE this one!
Lorelle giving her dad a massage...

On Saturday evening we attended a fireworks party on Winona Lake. stormed and the fireworks were canceled:( We did enjoy the food and face painting though;)

Love my man...and my family SO much!!!

4th of July Weekend...Friday Evening:)

On the late afternoon of Friday, July 1st, I took my gang to Ft. Wayne. We went to Chuck E. Cheese for games and then to Red Robin for dinner. We wanted to get out of the house to let Lance nap...since he just returned from a looong few days of travel:( After we got home, we watched a movie and then drove out to some friend's house to watch firework. You put on one AMAZING show Dean!!!

Our gang...oops our picture taker cut Leytan off;( It WAS hard for her to see in the dark...

Proof that Leytan really was;)

Cool dude Levi...having a snack:)

LOVED the fireworks!!!

Heading back to the van...after the show;) Lorelle is such a Daddy's girl!

Lilyan getting a ride from her big brother:)
One night of fun down...and 3 more to go!!!

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