Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Blog!!!

I ran out of picture space after catching up on my latest posts, you can bookmark my new blog site:  Hope to see you there:)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Sports Part 3...Landan:)

Landan always gives 100% at whatever he takes on...and that was no different in football this Fall.  He started the season not super passionate about it but more wanting to give Freshman Football a "try".  He left the season however...VERY passionate and ready for next year;)  He played mostly defense this year...some safety, mostly corner (I think;) and some on the defensive line (the last couple games).  I think corner is his favorite and what he would like to play next year...if possible.  I am still learning position names so hopefully I have them! I really should keep some stats but I am too busy cheering and taking pictures at the games;) I know that he did get LOTS of great tackles/blocks and I believe a couple interceptions. He is also on the kicking team...I think that is what you call it. Oh boy...I better just stop "thinking" now;) I do know...that I LOVE watching him and his friends play!!! What a great bunch of boys. I am looking forward to seeing what they can do over the next 3 years as Warsaw Tigers. Weight lifting for both football (yep...for next Fall) and track have that is keeping Landan busy right now. He is gonna be a muscle head by the end of high school if he keeps this up;) 

Landan is #46...

He did get invited to play one quarter of a JV game...he was #86 for it;)  

All smiles...after a WIN!!!

LOVE these boys!!!

Not sure what he is yelling....but it looks intense;)

Warsaw Community High School...Freshman Football Team 2012

Fall Sports Part 2...Leytan:)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...watching this kid play football! And he is REALLY good...but, he doesn't enjoy it:( UGH!!! We would NO way insist he played again next year...but I will certainly miss watching him carry that ball;) He is as strong as an ox and he is fast. I SO wish he loved it...(sigh)
He started out the season a little nervous, because of his collar bone injury (over the summer) but he WAS excited. He then got a knee injury during the first game and ended up sitting out a few games;(  He never did get the passion back to play after that...but he did stick with it and he did GREAT!!! He gained several yards and made several touchdowns for his team...lots of great tackles too;) I had mixed feels about the seasons end. I knew he was ready to be D-O-N-E but I knew he wouldn't be coming I was sad:(  Maybe he will change his mind...but I doubt it.  I guess just because you are good at something...doesn't mean you have the passion for it.  He is really excited to start throwing the shot put again though:) Bring on Track season!!!

Leytan is #39... getting ready to punt in this pic I think;)

Celebrating with a team mate after he made a TD:)

I have lots of pictures of him running the ball...

My handsome boy...LOVE him!!!

Go Tigers!!!

Fall Sports Part 1...Lorelle and Levi:)

One of the main reasons that my blogging became so sparse this Fall...was because of how VERY busy we became with Fall Sports.  I LOVE watching my kids play:)  I was SUPER proud of Lorelle for trying our for the school volleyball team this year and MAKING IT!!! This is quite an accomplishment as a 4th grader.  Their team wasn't all that great but she REALLY enjoyed it and that is all that matters to me;)  I hope that she sticks with it and considers at least a day camp next summer to help her with her skills.  It is not easy to get a good pictures in the gym (at least not for me) but here are a few half way decent ones...

Lorelle is #20... 

Go Harrison Huskies!!!

Levi wanted to try peewee football this year.  I have to admit, I was skeptical and tried talking him into sticking with soccer.  After all, he is little, thin and I thought, not the toughest kid on the planet...but he proved me WRONG:) He LOVED it and had such a GREAT time!!! He is a good little tackler (goes low for their legs;) and will run the ball when they ask him to...even if he does get clobbered by kids twice his size:-/  The outdoor football pics were much easier and more fun to take... 

Levi is #1....with the bright yellow shoes;)

Go Chargers!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012


9/11 is already a day of mourning but was even more sad for me this year...because I lost my Granny:( I know she is pain free and happy now...but I will miss her. I will see you again someday, in Heaven...Love you!!!

2 Years!!!

On August 30th, we celebrated Levi's 2 yr. "Gotcha Day"!!! It is hard to believe he has been my son for 2 years now and at the same time...he has only been my son for 2 years?!?  He was definitely meant to be a Perry:) He is so fun, smart, sweet...LOVE him with a passion I can't explain. God is AMAZING!!!

Home 2 years or "Peace";) 

Daddy leaning in to give his baby boy a big ol KISS:)

Frosting on the nose...this is a Chinese cake tradition;)

Freshman Water Drop...

I thought that my field trip days with Landan would be over now since he was in high I was thrilled when I got an email from one of his teachers asking if I would like to join them for this field trip on August 21st. We took large rafts down a creek (while talking about the plant life and doing water samples) and then into Lake Tippecanoe. From there we transferred into pontoon boats and went to Camp Crosley for lunch and games. It was a fun day and I enjoyed being with my big boy and his friends. I don't care what anybody says...teenagers ROCK!!!

In the raft...we got just a little WET!:)

On the pontoon...

Team building game at Camp Crosley... HILARIOUS to watch!!

Landan with his peeps...

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