Sunday, November 29, 2009

25 DAYS...til Christmas!!!

Can you believe it?! Let the countdown begin:-) The kids, of course, are ready and I am actually feeling rather festive this year too. Landan has commented a couple times on how it seems I am more "into" it this year. Maybe because I was a little bummed last season. This time last year we were really struggling with Liam's leg, had to cancel our Jamaica trip and most disappointingly our orphanage visit that was scheduled to bring the children there gifts:-( The year to follow was not an easy one and I have learned to not "count" on anything but instead to be Thankful For each and every day and the blessings that it brings. I am looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus and for the incredible gift he has given to me. On Saturday, we began decorating for the holiday. The kids hung bulbs outside on one of our pine trees and each of them decorated their own little Christmas trees. We also had family pictures taken here at the house. I can't wait to see how our Christmas cards turn out. They should be pretty funny. Enjoy the next few weeks everyone and remember "the reason for the season"!!! God IS good!

Thanksgiving Day 2009

We enjoyed the usual Thanksgiving dinner with family this year. The food was good and the company even better:-) This was the 11th year that Lance and I have hosted dinner at our home but our first in our new house. It was nice to have a little bit extra kitchen room, a bigger dining room table and most importantly two ovens! The cooking is usually pretty stress free for me. Lance's parents always bring the turkey and our family always brings stuff to share. Mindy...thanks for making the mashed potatoes this year since mine where so gross last year:-) LOL! Deb...the bread was delicious and Mom...the Martha Stewart eggs were yummy too. I tried a new sweet potato recipe that was a keeper. I over ate as usual and then we decided to go the movie, The Blind Side. It was VERY good! The kids played soccer and a few other games. Connect Four seemed to be a hit this year for some reason. All and all it was a great day and I have SO much to be Thankful For!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Other Stuff...

Also in the last couple weeks...Lance and I attended the CASA Holiday Wine Festival. It was a great time and an GREAT success. They were able to raise lots of money to help children in need of court appointed advocates in our area. Lance is on the board of directors for CASA and the success of this event means a lot to him. Below is a picture of Lance and I before we left for the festival.

Other BIG news...Lorelle got glasses. She has been diagnosed with being nearsighted, which is also what Landan and I also have issues with. Doesn't she look adorable!?! But sadly, TOO grown up:-( She is adjusting OK to them but they do bug her some. I think she just needs to get use to wearing them.
The last two weekends in a row, Lance has taken Landan, Leytan and Lorelle to ride their motorcycles. They are doing great and have been really enjoying it. Liam is dying to get on one too but I am being a "mean Mom" and making him wait until next year. I am probably a little too overprotective with him but...can you blame me?! He is a WILD man!

That's all for now I guess:-) Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving everyone!!! I have SO much to be Thankful for...God is GOOD!!!

Kringle Fest!

On Saturday we took the Triplets over to nearby Winona Lake for the Kringle Fest. They got to visit with Santa, make some Christmas ornaments, pet a reindeer and a Christmas pig:-) We also rode the Reindeer Express Train and enjoyed some Christmas cookies. And then...enjoyed lunch out together as a family. It was a BEAUTIFUL Fall day!

Go Colts!!!

A couple weekends ago, Lance took Landan and Leytan to a Colts game. They had a BLAST! This was the first time the boys had been to the new Lucas Oil Stadium. And...the Colts WON!

Lance and the boys outside the stadium...

Inside the stadium and holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy. VERY cool!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sunset Pictures...

For the last several nights I have been taking pictures of the amazingly beautiful sunsets off my bedroom deck. The colors and designs seem to be different each night and all absolutely beautiful. Thank you God for the beauty all around me!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009...

Halloween has come and gone! I can not believe it is November already. Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks and then CHRISTMAS!!! The kids enjoyed Halloween as usual this year.

Lilyan dressed up like Gabriella from the movie High School Musical 2...she wore the dress from the prom scene:-) She looked REALLY sweet!

Lorelle wanted to be a beautiful Bride and that she was! I kept thinking...she is gonna be wearing the real thing before I know it. She ran from house to house during Trick or Treating so I was calling her, The Runaway Bride:-) She was indeed a GORGEOUS bride!

The boys all chose to be SCARY! Liam was a zombie, Leytan was a skeleton grim reaper and Landan was a wolf...I called him Teen Wolf:-)

This was the kids first year Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood. It was really nice and a lot less crowded. The triplets and I did about half the houses and the older two boys tackled the whole neighborhood. They all got plenty of candy!

After Trick or Treating I took Landan, Leytan and Lorelle to a Haunted House. The boys thought it was fun but Lorelle was not quite as ready for it as she thought. She cried and screamed as I held her and quickly walked though it.

It ended up being a beautiful Fall night and the kids had a great time!

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