Monday, August 13, 2012

Lance's FIRST Triathlon!!!

On Saturday, June 23rd Lance participated in his first Triathlon.  He did GREAT and really enjoyed it. He wants to do another one sometime soon.  He had continued swimming in our neighborhood pond, running and got a new, super light and very cool bike for his birthday.  Go Lance!!!

Lance and I before his race...

Goggle boy...LOL!!!

Finished!!! And time for a massage...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The BIG Day!!!

On Friday, June 15th...Lauren and Andy finally tired the knot:)  It was a PERFECT day of family, fun and of coarse... LOVE!!!

Grandma Linda, Lorelle, Lilyan and I started the day with manicures, pedicures and lunch...

Grandma Linda with the Sensational Six...

My peeps and me:)

The Indy Perrys...lookin good!!!

Uncle Bubba escorting Lorelle into the wedding...

With this ring...

You may KISS the bride!!!

This one cracks me up...good one Bubba:)

My sister Maddy, our dad, Liam and me on the dance floor...

Slow dancing with Leytan...when did he get SO big:(

My Bestie and Me:)


Mindy and Bubba...LOL!!!

The newlyweds plus... Landan and Me:)

With my man...LOVE him SO much!!!

What a FUN day:)  Congrats Lauren and Andy!!! 

Peter Pan...

On June 14th...I took the littles to Peter Pan at the Wagon Wheel Theatre.  I was once again amazed at the talent of our small local theatre.  AMAZING!!! I also took Lilyan to see Legally Blonde this summer:) Plus... I went with a girlfriend to see Chicago.  I enjoyed them ALL!!! 

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