Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Lorelle!!!

On August 10th...Lorelle turned 10!!! I can't believe she is in the double digits already:-/ Why in the world does time have to go by so very quickly?!?  Lorelle only wanted a "pink laptop" for her birthday.  We told her that was fine...but that meant NO big party or outing if we were going to spend that kind of money on her gift.  She was fine with that...but we did allow her to invite a couple neighbor friend to attend her family birthday dinner;)  Like Landan, she chose the Yamato Japanese Steakhouse.  My kids are really diggin this place:)  And also like Landan, she chose to have a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  We had a GREAT evening celebrating our special girl.  Happy Birthday Lorelle Yan!!!

Lorelle with her gift...

Lorelle with friend Sydney...

At dinner with friends...Natalia and Sydney:)

Reading her card from Syd...nice artwork!:) 

Lorelle with her cake...

Making a wish...

Happy 4th of July!!!

Thanks to the Sasso and Hall families for inviting our gang over to celebrate:) 
Good times!!!

Yes...I am just a little bit behind on blog posts but trying to get caught up;)

Grace Volleyball Camp...

Lorelle spent July 15th thru the 19th at Grace College for their overnight volleyball camp.  It was ran by the Grace College coach and players.  This was Lorelle's very first overnight camp.  She thought it was a lot of hard work but she learned a lot and most importantly... had a TON of fun.  SO proud of her for sticking with it and for being so dedicated:) She is such a strong, brave girl.  Love my Elle!!!

Lorelle in her dorm room...

We got to go watch them practice and play in the evenings...

With one of her favorite instructors...Flash;) 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Landan's 15th Birthday!!!

Landan wanted to go to Cedar Point for his birthday this year.  He invited a few friends and on the early morning of July 3rd...we were on the rode to Sandusky, OH.  Unfortunately it rained the first couple hours:( finally cleared off so that Landan and his thrill seeking friends got to ride plenty of rides:)  I took my BFF to keep me company and we even rode some roller coasters.  I did feel sick after a while though...and felt SO old not being able to handle them like I used to. UGH!!! 

We stayed at the park until closing and then made the loooong drive home...arriving back in Warsaw, IN about 2:30AM.  I was soooo tired but it was a FUN day!!! 

Landan chose to go to the Yamato Japanese Steakhouse for his family birthday dinner...YUM!!

Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen...his FAVE!:)

Threatening to lick he doesn't have to share:) LOL!!!

I can't believe my baby boy is 15 years old and will be getting his driving permit in a couple months:-/  
Oh boy...something else to worry about, I mean pray and hand over to God;) 
Happy Birthday Landan Dean!!! 

Summer Vacation 2012...

  We spent June 23rd thru June 30th in Ludington, Michigan.  Once again the Berand Family was kind enough to let us use their beautiful lake house.  We absolutely LOVE it!!!  

I can't even tell you how much we love our time at "La Palapa"...(that is the cottage name;)  There are NO TV's and limited phone/internet service.  The kids actually have to hang out and talk to us!!;)  

The beach, lake and dunes are amazing...and SO much fun!!!

We had "Perry Family Dance Parties" on the porch in the evenings.  The little boys liked to sport their boxers for them:) Go Levi!!!

We took lots of walks to the playground/basketball area and thru the woods.

Of course...LOTS of time on the beach too:) Lorelle...our little fashionista!!

Nap time for Liam...

We rode the wave runners this year.  The big boys drove themselves and the younger kiddos got rides from dad:)  GO Leytan!!

Lilyan and Lance...

Levi was just a little bit excited for his turn...

We also visited the North Breakwater Lighthouse at Stearns Park...

And took a Mac Wood's Dune ride around Silver Lake...stopping for this family pic;)

This picture makes me laugh...I counted to 3 but either the boys are a little delayed or Lorelle was a little ahead;) LOL!!

Climbed the dune for this "Sensational Six":) LOVE them!!!

Us...still smiling after 15 year of marriage and 7 kids:) 

Our last night at the dunes.  Enjoying the swing and...

BEAUTIFUL sunset!!!

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