Sunday, September 27, 2009

Leytan is 10 years old!!!

Yikes! It seems like just yesterday that I was holding my chubby, sweet baby boy for the first time. He is such a FUN kid and I am blessed to have him in my life. He is my "Sunshine"! And I like to sing him that song often, even though he enjoyed it much more when he was younger:-) I got to spend lots of one on one time with Leytan this week. I went on two field trips with him and also took him out for lunch, just the two of us, on his actual birthday on Thursday. It was GREAT to have that special time with him. Yesterday we invited some friends and family to celebrate with us at Paiges Crossing. The kids all had a BLAST! Here are some pictures and video clips of our lunch together at Hacienda and also from his party yesterday. Thanks to all of you for making his birthday so special. What a GREAT week!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Video Montage of our Zoo trip...

We took the kids to the zoo on Saturday. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

4 years ago today...

This first picture of Lorelle and I was taken the morning after I got her.
We were at the Civil Affairs Office doing our paperwork to make her officially my daughter. What an amazing day!

I first held my little princess, Miss Lorelle Yan. She was 3 years and so cute and tiny. She was really scared during our first couple hours together but soon she was full of smiles and giggles and hasn't looked back since. This was taken from my online journal that I kept during our journey to bring her home:

We have Lorelle! Our flight was delayed so we were
late to "Gotcha". Lorelle was waiting for us. The director said
she was excited this morning and was even bragging to the other
children that she was going to America.
When she walked into the room and saw us though, she started to cry.
She was just really scared of the unknown of it all I think. She cried the whole time
we were at the Civil Affairs office. She kept saying, "Let go of
me!" and " I want to go back!" I felt so bad for her. We quickly
did the paperwork we had to do and got the heck out of there. She
quit crying on the elevator and hasn't cried since. It is almost
6:30 pm here now and she is getting very sleepy. She just started to whimper a little and stick her thumb in her mouth so I just
picked her up and am now rocking her as I type. She is so beautiful
and very smart. When we got back to the room I sat her on the potty
and she went right away.

This second one is a picture of Lorelle now. She has the same AMAZING smile!!! I love you baby girl...

Monday, September 14, 2009


Last week, on the same day, Lilyan and Liam both lost teeth. Liam is missing both of his front teeth now. Liam is also sporting a hat he made in art class in his picture. This is only the second tooth Lilyan has lost and she was SO excited. Aren't they TOO cute!! My babies are growing up:-(

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Package for Levi!!!

I got this package all ready to send to Levi. I am sending a Teddy Bear, art stuff, cookies, a camera (for them to take some pics for me), Match Box cars, flip flops, sun glassed and most importantly a photo album for him with lots of pics on his family. I am praying that his package makes it to him and that he enjoys it. God please be with him and keep him safe....Amen!

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