Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday morning the kids and I headed out for another day trip:) This adventure was to Deep River Waterpark in Crown Point, IN. It is about an hour and 20 minute drive from here. The kids actually enjoyed the van ride there. They spent the entire time racing each other on their Mario Kart game via their Nintendo DS's. Lorelle and Liam kept ganging up on Landan. I had fun just listening to them. We arrived at the park about noon and the kids were off:) We met some friends and the kids paired up and had a GRAND time! I hardly even saw the older 2 boys except when they needed a snack or a short break. They rode lots of slides and even Lorelle rode many of them this year. Liam and Lilyan mostly stuck with the Toilet Bowl, the Lazy River (my fave:) and the Wave Pool.

Liam and Lorelle playing in the water...

Lorelle and Lilyan having a snack:) I took a cooler full of drinks and bags full of goodies to eat.

Liam and his buddy Ashton going "down the toilet!" LOL! I got flushed with Lilyan;)

Right after they came out of the toilet...

The girls in the Wave Pool...
The back of the Landan and Leytan in the Wave Pool...I think this is about the only pic I got of them:(
We spent 7 hours there and then headed home. The kids (and I) were so tired. was a fun and BEAUTIFUL day! Sunny and 70's...LOVE IT!

Here is a video of Liam and Ashton...


  1. My kids had SO much fun that I had to beg them to leave when we did! They were turning purple and freezing and still wanting to keep going! They LOVED it!! We finally rolled in around 11:30pm. Needless to say, I quiet car ride home as all but one slept. Thanks for joining us...

  2. What are you doing? Sounds like you are visiting all of the cities we used to live in prior to moving to Ohio! We used to live right outside of Crown Point in Dyer....and would go to that park!

  3. I will never bring my family here again I was told I could not go in the park, I have 4 kids in there 14 yrs and younger, I was told I had to pay admission to get my kids out of there, what kind of bullshit is that and the little girl at the gate told me they wouldn't look for my kids nor page them,,,,


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