Sunday, June 27, 2010

Downs After Dark...

I believe this is what they call the night races at Churchill Downs. Most of you probably already know this but Churchill Downs in a horse racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky. Yah know...where they have the Kentucky Derby! Biomet Tri-State had a business meeting in Louisville over the weekend and we were invited to attend. Lance and I flew down late Friday morning on the Biomet jet from here in Warsaw. WOW...was that nice! A 45 min. flight was much better that a 4-5 hour drive:) They put us up at the Marriott downtown. It was a nice hotel and those who know me well, know how I like my Marriotts for their bedding, Bath and Body stuff and of coarse for the Starbucks that always seem to be in or nearby:) BTW...not sure if this is an official cheat or not but I DID have a Frappacino, with whip cream:( I just HAD to confess! LOL! BUT...I still said NO to the all the incredibly delicious looking dessert both evenings. Come on TA!!!

I think we were at our hotel by about 12:30PM on Friday. We checked in and then Lance and I went on a search for a restaurant with outdoor seating for lunch. We ended up at the Bistro 301. I had a balsamic vinaigrette marinated chicken breast sandwich with fruit and Lance had a pasta dish. They were both good. We sat out there sipping our cocktails and talking for a few hours:) We just LOVE our quite time alone! It is not always easy to do with 5 kiddos running around here at home. When we got back to hotel, Lance worked for a couple hours while I finished a book, took a bubble bath and got ready for our night out at the track.

Right after we arrived at the track...

This was my first time at the horse races and we got to watch them from a Jockey Club Suite:) We had an amazing buffet of food and anything we wanted to drink. I learned how to bid on the horses quickly and placed a few bids. There was a $2 minimum bid and the most I bid was $5. I did finally win 1 out of the 11 races and my winnings equaled $24! At the end of the night I came away even:) It was a long but FUN evening! The first race started at 6PM and the last race started at 11:20PM. It was after midnight when we got back to the hotel. It was such an AWESOME experience!!!

Close-up from the suite but it is a little blurry...

The cool couples:)
The next day, Lance had some presentations to do in the morning and I did a little sightseeing with some of the other Biomet wives. We took the trolly around the downtown area and visited a few art galleries, a glassworks gallery (where we could watch them blowing glass) and then to lunch at the Irish Pub on Fourth Street Live (which was a really cool restaurant/bar/concert area downtown). The food was REALLY good. I watched the last half of the soccer game with Lance when I got back to the hotel...BUMMER that the USA lost:( Then off to a dinner/awards ceremony. Afterward we flew home and arrived back at the house about midnight. It was a short little get-a-way for us but a much appreciated, FUN one! We are SO blessed and just a little SPOILED! LOL!

A video clip I took of one of the two sod races. Most of the races were on dirt.

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  1. I used to live five blocks from the track in Louisville. We occasionally went for afternoon races, but never for any of the big ones. I loved living in the Louisville area.


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