Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Day of School and Awards!!!

Tuesday was the kid's last day of school. In the morning there was an awards program for the 3-6th graders. I felt like I was holding back my tears most of the day. I am SO proud of my gang! They worked SO hard this year and all made great improvements in their reading, math, computer, etc. skills over the last 9 months.

They announced each 6th grader individually as they entered the gym for the beginning of the awards program. I kept thinking back to Landan's first day of kindergarten, how fast the years had gone, how much he had grown and changed:( He is ready for Middle School but I am not sure if I am ready yet. Landan got a plaque in Soccer for the M.V.P of Defense. He also received a plaque for High Honors...ALL "A's" for the entire year! He also received the President's Award for Education Excellence (that included a letter from the President). He was also given a certificate for his service as a Peer Tutor. He really enjoyed helping out the little ones with their studies this year:) Lastly...he received a trophy from his Principle, Mr. Polston. It was called the "Principle's Outstanding Student Award"! One girl and one boy from the entire 6th grade class was chosen to receive this award. The principle, along with all of the 6th grade teachers sat down to discuss and choose the winner of this award. It still brings tears to my eyes to know they chose MY son. I mean...I know how WONDERFUL Landan is but it also feels good to know that others realize it too. He really is such a great young man. This award was not given just for grades but overall as a student. I really should not have been surprised. He has such a huge, loving heart and the patience he has with his sibling is simply amazing sometimes. I am SO proud of you Landan!!!

Landan receiving his award from the Principle...

Shaking all his 6th grade teacher's hands...

Group picture...

Leytan also had a GREAT year! He missed getting the All A's plaque by one B+...still AWESOME and we are equally as proud of him. He did get the High Honors ribbon and he also received a Mathematics award. He got straight A's in Math on his report card this year. We are especially proud of him for this since he did have to work extra hard...since Math does not come as easily to him. He gets that from his Momma:) Leytan also recieved an Excellence in Music award. He loves music and enjoyed performing in the school play and recording of the school song this year. He really had an amazing year and LOVED his teacher Mr. Glass. They did most of their work on computers, which Leytan also really enjoyed. He is a little nervous for 5th grade but I am sure he will continue to do well. WAY TO GO LEYTAN!!!

Leytan with his teacher, Mr. Glass...

Leytan with a couple of his BFF's...because of redistricting, they will not be at Harrison next year. He will miss them:(

The triplets survived their first full year of attending school ALL day:) There were times that each of them would come home and nap but overall they adjusted very well. Each of them have been promoted to 2nd grade. They are a little nervous and excited about getting actual letter grades next year. The girls, especially Lilyan, are really excelling in reading. Liam is doing fine too but not quite to the same level as the girls. I have decided to take him to a private reading tutor this summer. I did this with both of his older brothers also... and they are both great readers now. I just don't want him to struggle at all next year. I really felt like, again this year, God placed them each with the perfect teachers. I loved each one of them! Next year once again I have requested them to be in separate classrooms. Their teachers think this is best and even though it is tempting to put them together (to make homework, field trips, parties, etc. easier for me:), I want to do what is best for them. I think they need time apart to be themselves, make their own friends and not to feel that need to be so competitive all the time. I have faith that God will match them with the perfect teachers again in the fall. I am SO proud of you Liam, Lorelle and Lilyan!!!

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