Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Somethin' Funn...

This is actually the name of a place I took the kids last Friday...you should have heard Liam trying to explain this to his reading tutor when she asked him what he did over the weekend:) He kept saying..."I went to Somethin' Funn!" and she kept saying..."Where did you go?". I had to speak up eventually because they were both getting frustrated. LOL!!! It is a place here in town that has video games, laser tag and go carts. It is NOT my favorite place to take the kids but they wanted to go and it WAS..."Fun Friday!"

Lilyan playing Deal or No Deal. I like to play this one too;)
Lorelle and Landan on the go carts...

Here is a video clip or my little speed racers. Lilyan, Liam and I rode too:)

The kids think we should do something "fun" every Friday. I DO have plans for them this Friday but then the Friday after that...it is Mom and Dad's turn:) LOL!!!

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