Thursday, June 3, 2010

NO more sweets!

I can't believe I am going to post this...but here goes. I saw this idea on another adoptive mom's blog today and thought, "What a GREAT idea!" She made the commitment to not eat anymore sweets during her wait for Travel Approval. I thought I would also make this commitment for several reasons.

1. I need to lose a few pounds and I eat WAY too much sweets.
2. I have NO control over the timing of this adoption and this will make me feel in control of something.
3. I feel like this will be a commitment I can make to prove my love and devotion to him while he waits for us.
4. My workouts during the summer break have already come to a near halt and I can't continue eating like I do and not workout.

SO...tomorrow I begin! I am excited and a little nervous. Those who know me well know...this will NOT be easy for me. For one, am an ice cream addict:( Goodbye...cookies, cupcakes, candy, pop and my beloved ICE CREAM! LOL!!!

And since I am on the subject...the adoption IS slowly but surely moving forward. I am hoping to get word on another baby step tomorrow or early next week maybe. I have a travel date in my head but have no info from my agency to back this up...just a gut feeling:) I even have it marked in my online day planner and Lance said he has been giving people this date when they ask. I guess he believes in my psychic (or psycho) abilities:) LOL! Anyway...I have us leaving for China on August 20th! Ummm...this could be quite a haul with no sweets to calm my anxious nerves.

I did send Levi a package this week containing a recordable book. I thought it would be neat for him to be able to hear my voice reading to him...even if he can't understand all of the words.



  1. Lisa,
    This is an awesome idea! I will tell ya that it does truly keep the weight down! When I started my weight loss, I decided NO sweets, soda, or, anything like that. As of today I am down a whopping 60 lbs!!!!! You will feel much better as well! I will be praying for you because it is not easy! BUT YOU CAN DO IT!!!! Praying you hear good news very soon! Love to all!!

  2. ok, ladies ;-)

    i gotta do something. i'm not feeling a need to be in control (yet!), but i feel like the sweets are getting me!

    i *think* i'm gonna join ya, lisa! can you email me the blog where you got the idea?

    we have a LID, btw! i'm not counting days yet - cuz i just can't go there yet - but the countdown (or countUP) has begun!


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